*BREAKING* Aisha Tyler Joins The BAU as Dr. Tara Lewis!

*BREAKING* Aisha Tyler Joins The BAU as Dr. Tara Lewis!*BREAKING* Aisha Tyler Joins The BAU as Dr. Tara Lewis!


James Hibberd over at EW had this to say:

“Her dream was to study psychopaths up close and personal – and her psychology background, combined with her experience in the FBI, brought her face-to-face with monsters…”.


Welp. So much for “not filling” JLH’s spot. Looks like Ms. Tyler is the next ‘Emily Prentiss’. Truthfully though, they’ve done a pretty great job in creating unique personalities to fill Emily’s boots so far. I’ve enjoyed both Jeanne Tripplehorn’s and Jennifer Love Hewitt’s characters. I’m sure I’ll enjoy Dr. Lewis, as well.

And I get that they’re trying to brand CM in the CSI mold, but our show isn’t CSI and never has been. THAT’S one reason we love it. That said, Aisha’s a helluva good actor, and I’m sure she’ll bring some positive things to our team in season 11.  Stay tuned, this should get interesting!

For the rest of the announcement at Entertainment Weekly, go here.

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