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Hello again all Criminal Minds fans and fam! It’s that time of year where you put all your hard-won knowledge of our favorite crime drama to great use! Profilers-in-training will want to outsmart all the other FunSubs, and take home this sensational, one of a kind swaggy loot that lets the world know YOU are indeed a master of trivia-fu! CHECK IT OUT!

Here, the formidable miss Willow Jean shows she’s ready to beat the Texas heat with a TEAM-AUTOGRAPHED season 13 cap, and a primo metal water bottle emblazoned with the CM13 logo! BOTH winners will each receive BOTH of these choice prizes!

The lucky winners will also EACH receive one script signed by not only the WRITER(s), but the ENTIRE CAST. The scripts are for two of season ten’s finest episodes – Nelson’s Sparrow written by Erica Messer and Kirsten Vangsness, and Mr. Scratch written by Breen Frazier. In the case of Mr. Scratch, it’s also signed by the cast member who did double-duty as director: Matthew Gray Gubler!



There’s one more awesome prize that will go to the top winner and trust me, you’ll be looking fine watching your favorite episodes in your unique, charcoal gray, CM13-emblazoned POLO SHIRT!



Without further ado, BEST OF LUCK TO ALL, and Wheels UP!


1. What’s Derek Morgan’s dog’s name? Clooney

2. In the first season episode The Tribe, we’re introduced to John Blackwolf, an expert Apache tracker and policeman played by Gregory Cruz. What was his father’s name and how did he die? Benjamin Blackwolf. Killed by Federal Agents at Wounded Knee. I also accepted ‘killed by cops/police’, etc…

3. What is Penelope Garcia’s badge number? 001-Niner-00 (said in Wheels Up)

4. What is the exact end quote for the season thirteen episode Dust and Bones? Who speaks it? “Remember, we are our own griefs, my dear, we are our own happinesses, and we are our own remedies. Husdyn Raza” Spoken by Luke Alvez

5. Alex Blake has a PhD in Forensic Linguistics. What was her dissertation on, and what is the title of her book? The Fluidity of Metaphors. Her book is The Route of Linguistics.

6. In season nine’s episode Final Shot, written by Sharon Lee Watson, who played the LDSK, and what mighty Marvel character did he eventually go on to portray? Mike Colter, Luke Cage

7. Where was Paget Brewster born? Conchord, MA

8. What were JJ’s first words to Spencer when she came to finally spring him from prison? “We’re takin’ you home.”

9. According to Erica Messer, what was the first series she worked on? Party of Five

10. In the excellent season three episode Seven Seconds, who played Beth Jacobs? In what HBO show did she portray a clever whore with an acid tongue and a heart of gold? Name her character. Paula Malcomson, Deadwood, Trixie

11. In the season 4 episode Catching Out, what was the UnSub’s drug of convenience? What physical malady did he have to show for it? Huffing household chemicals, blisters/burns around his mouth, dry red rash.

12. Name the actor who played Tech Analyst Kevin Lynch, and what other role on a cult WB/CW series is he widely known for? Nicholas Brendan, Xander Harris on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

13. List at least five UnSubs the BAU has had to deal with who were in more than one episode. Everybody got this one right.

14. What episode is this publicity shot from? The Forever People

15. What is Harry Bring’s favorite college football team? USC Trojans

16. In season one’s The Popular Kids, what did Spencer say birthday candles were originally used for? “Actually, candles were originally used to protect the birthday celebrant from demons for the coming year.

17. What episode and season did this exchange take place? Reckoner, season 5

Garcia: You lied.
Reid: No I didn’t, I am a doctor, so technically it wasn’t a lie.
Garcia: What was it then?
Reid: Um… second opinion.

18. In which episode did Tara Lewis, played by Aisha Tyler, join the team? The Job

19. What are Matt Simmons’ children’s names? Jake, David, Chloe, Lily

20. What regiment was Luke Alvez a part of, prior to coming to the Fugitive Task Force? 75th Army Rangers Regiment


Send your completed entry to cmfandom@gmail.com by 11:59pm CT, March 28, 2018, the deadline to submit answers. One entry per person, but you can send in corrected versions if you get it in by that time. Winners will be chosen by random selection from all correct entries submitted, and announced on or before March 31, 2018. Winners from previous years cannot enter this year, sorry guys.

Trivia Challenge is open to any fans worldwide, but you’ll have to pay the shipping and insurance on the prizes if you live outside the US.



For the autographed cap, the signed Mr. Scratch script, the CM logo fancy water bottle, and the CM13 Polo – the winner is JAYDEN GRASSER!

Jayden has sent us this awesome pic of her sporting her winnings! Join me in congratulating her on a job well done!



For the autographed cap, the signed Nelson’s Sparrow script, and that cool CM water bottle – the winner is JULES MARIE! 

Jules has also sent us a pic and while she did not want herself in the photo, she sent along this gracious note! Great job, Jules!



Congratulations to the both of you, and a huge round of applause to all those who played. See you next year!




  • August 16, 2018 at 8:15 pm

    Do you know where to send fan mail to the cast of the show?

    • August 20, 2018 at 9:39 am

      Yes, send your fan mail to:

      Criminal Minds
      500 S Buena Vista
      Burbank, Ca 91521

      You also may want to put which actor or staff you want the letter to reach.


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