Matthew Gray Gubler Creates Spiffy Swag For Charity!

Matthew Gray Gubler Creates Spiffy Tote Bag For Charity!Matthew Gray Gubler Creates Spiffy Swag For Charity!

Gube likes to make stuff. We know this. He usually creates unique and funky t-shirts for us featuring his artwork, and we all go to town snatching up as many as we can before they’re sold out, which every time happens in a matter of hours. There’s always a charity that ALL the profits go to, be it Matthew’s arts-heavy high school – Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, or The American Lung Association, or like now, the American Red Cross.

This particular design was one part of a triptych Matthew was inspired to create following the tragic Parisian shootings. Turning to love, as is his way, he may have decided to use the most all-encompassing design of the three for this sturdy cotton tote. The universe is big, yo. Show your love for it, too.

Here’s where you can get your own. They’d make a great holiday gift, and they usually go quickly – hesitate at your own risk!

Thanks Matthew, for spreading the love in your own inimitable fashion. <3


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