And how ’bout that gorgeous logo, hmm? Nicely done, Dylan! 

It’s been a long wait, dear reader, but the network finally disclosed that they’ll be renewing our beloved show for yet another season! This puts fears to rest for those that were sweating it out until the last second, even though the zany cast and crew had been dropping hints all along that this was a fait accompli. Even CBS called Believer a “season finale” not a “series finale”.

Whatever the reason for holding back was, we’re relieved and thrilled to get the official word, and we should know in a matter of days if it will be a full-season order, or less. We’re hoping of course, for the fullest of full seasons, and that MGG never gets another day off – we miss Reid too much! 

Let speculation run wild as to what’s going to happen in what surely will be an EPIC episode 300 as the season opener! Let’s hope they stay focused on the team, because our heroes are why we watch. Erica Messer had this to say to EW

“I was planning on a one-hour to kick off the year unless they told me otherwise,” she said. “I really want it to be a big reward for all of us who have been loving this show for 300 episodes. I feel hopeful. The thing is, it’s not like I’m sitting here saying, ‘We’ve run out of stories! We’re plum out, got nothing else to tell.’ It’s not true! We can keep on going.”

We hope you do! WHEELS UP ON SEASON 14!!

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