Criminal Minds Photos

We hope to see Cuyle in many new projects in the future. Smolder, much?

garcie alone

Writer and Exec Producer Jim Clemente and his UnSubs!

“Penelope Garcia, I love you. So much.”
“Then don’t think about it. Just know that I will always be by your side.”

Q&A night two. Taxi hats and face paint was de rigueur
Ballot for Audience Award, and the awesome pin Trent gave us. Yes that is a severed arm.
Matthew on stage at the Q&A opening night
The leading man and yours truly, his lucky fan.

These decals were inside the pressure suit pods to “demonstrate” how to use the spacesuits.
The artist, showing his best UnSub face

Episode 517 Evidence Board A Plan- Scene 32- 5 women, map, 5 sites

Is that her? Sources say nope.

Our 3 Amigos reunite after the table read for ep 12×01 “The Crimson King”

Criminal Minds Photos

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