**NEW** 8 Questions for Criminal Minds Executive Producer Harry Bring!

**NEW** 8 Questions for Criminal Minds Executive Producer Harry Bring!

Harry’s been our supportive conduit between the show and the fandom for years, now. Who better to understand our withdrawals, and how much we miss the show than the guy that was there every day? Here’s an update on how he’s been keeping busy since Criminal Minds ended, and whether or not he thinks there’s a possible CM continuance in the future. 

TJ: First of all, how are you? We know that you had a fierce cancer battle last year (that you
won!), and I’d like to touch base and see how you’re feeling, generally.

HB: I am surprisingly good. I get a little tired during the day now that I’m back working. Energy
level is slightly down but I’m able to cope. Two cancers in two years does kick your ass.
I’m blessed to have pulled through and I’m halfway past and my Oncologist is very happy
with my progress.

TJ:  What’s it been like for you with Criminal Minds ending, having to leave behind all the folks
you worked with for a decade, and the well-oiled machine that was CM? Tell us what you
miss most about your Criminal Minds day-to-day.

HB: There isn’t a day that goes by without me thinking of CM and the people I worked with for
10 years. I do miss the people the most and getting the scripts for the first time and
figuring out how to produce them.

TJ: Have you been able to keep in touch with any of the staff, or our beloved actors?

HB: I have kept in touch with most of the crew and I text back and forth with the cast about once a
month. Sometimes It’s on a group text with the cast as they are now such good friends they
stay in touch all the time.

TJ: How has COVID affected you personally, and also professionally?

HB: Covid had me isolating a lot since last March and being extremely careful when I went out.
Using PPE and distancing works, and don’t let anyone tell you different, especially if you
are in a danger category health wise. At work we go thru testing at least weekly if not 2-3
times a week. The Studio is doing everything it can to keep us safe. Some times it’s a pain
in the ass but we gut it up and follow their protocols. So far in 2 months of prep no one has
contracted the virus, so it’s working.

TJ: We know that you’re never shy about discussing your politics. How affected are you by the
current political climate, and what are you doing personally to ensure that the Biden/Harris ticket will sweep the nation?

HB: I so dislike what’s going on in Washington and the White House it’s all I can do to keep my
blood pressure down. The fact that 45 hates us in the entertainment industry makes me proud,
as most of my business friends are progressives and caring about all people, regardless of
color, creed, or sexual preference. We stand for freedom and equality. I’ve been donating to progressive candidates whenever possible, posting on social media, and I completely support the Biden/Harris ticket for the presidency. VOTE BLUE!

TJ: During this enforced downtime with the pandemic, can you share any home projects
you’ve been able to get to that you were too busy to tackle before?

HB: I did virtually nothing during my downtime and I don’t feel guilty at all! I haven’t had more
than a couple weeks off for the past 30 years and getting almost a year off since CM was
a blessing. I do wish I had been able to travel but that didn’t bother me that much. The
break I had was longer than I wanted but it was much needed.

TJ: Please tell us more about the Erica Messer Productions show Triage, that you’re currently
working on. Can you give us an idea what we can expect from the new medical drama, and if
we’ll possibly see any of your Criminal Minds cohorts pop up in guest or recurring roles? How
cool that you and Erica are working together again!

HB: We are still very early in prep. My overlords are ensconced in casting right now and so far none
of our old CM cast are right for any of the roles we need. We are getting some fresh faces
along with some very experienced actors and actresses. There’s a big male lead role that
should be announced soon. I am so blessed to be working with Erica Messer again. As some
of you might know I was thinking about hanging up the spurs. I’ve had a 55-year career and it
is time to retire. But when Erica called to ask me to join her I couldn’t say no. She is the
absolute best in every way and has a few other projects she’s working on that are close to
being greenlit, as well.

TJ: Do you think there will ever be a Criminal Minds reunion movie, or short-form series
with the current cast that we can look forward to?

HB: I truly believe there will be a Criminal Minds future. Will it be a movie? A Movie of
the Week? A limited series? I know it will be back in some shape or form. It was
too successful a show not to get a round 2. About 3 weeks ago I tweeted a
question about who would want to see a CM reboot and it got 15,000 likes, 2,000
retweets, and 1,500 comments. That really says something about how much our
show was loved and vehemently followed. Makes me proud.

TJ: As it should. Thank you, Harry, so great to talk to you again. We miss you!

HB: Thank you for asking me Tari. You’ve always been so nice to me and such a fan of my work
and a friend, how could I not love you. And for all the CM fans out there, I Love You Too!

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    *sniffle* I miss the show and Harry’s insights so much……

  • October 13, 2020 at 7:42 pm

    I wish CM would come back with some or all of the series originals. MGG could produce some of them and of course Paget Brewster my favorite as BAU leader.

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