Criminal Minds Season 10 Drops TODAY! *SPOILERS*

Criminal Minds Season 10 Drops TODAY! *SPOILERS*Criminal Minds Season 10 Drops TODAY! *SPOILERS*


HERE IT IS! No UnSub is Safe!

Check it out! Not only do we get the entire season in gorgeous high-def, but there’s some exceptional extras, as well. The bloopers are the best they’ve given us in years, showcasing quite a bit of Hotch, JJ, and JLH, with some Reid (talking about flexing those fine buns of his!), Morgan and Rossi, too. Garcia shows up, and it looks like everyone’s having a great time.

There’s also a bit on AJ’s deleted scenes from The Forever People, that show a wonderful bookended elevator exchange with her and Reid that should have been kept in, in my opinion. And Reid with children! Always a favorite for me.

What are you waiting for? GO GET SOME!

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