Criminal Minds Showrunner Sheds Light on Season 14 Premiere, “300”!

Criminal Minds Showrunner Sheds Light on Season 14 Premiere, “300”!

So here we are. Tonight is Criminal Minds season 14 premiere, and officially episode THREE HUNDRED. I’ll say it again because it bears repeating – our awesome show has made it to the HUGE milestone of 300 episodes! I say ‘we’ and ‘our’ not to claim ownership, but because after all this time, they feel like a family to us fans, as well. The show, it’s unique characters, our heroes, have come into our living rooms for going on 14 years, and to say that it has made an impact on many of our lives is an understatement.

So thank you to Erica, Ed, Breen, Glenn, Harry, and all the wonderful production staff, directors, and hard-working crew that have produced this staggering amount of television entertainment just for us. Thank you to every talented and intuitive actor who ever breathed life into these remarkable characters that we love, and thank you to the fantastic writers that have conjured these amazing stories, weekly, for nearly a decade and a half.
Well done, we love you all, and HERE’S TO THE NEXT 300!

Read what lovely things Erica has to say about this auspicious occasion here, exclusive to EW.

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