Matthew Gray Gubler is Having a MOST EXCELLENT Week!

Matthew Gray Gubler is Having a MOST EXCELLENT Week!Matthew Gray Gubler is Having a MOST EXCELLENT Week!


Hey Gube fans, whaddya know? Our favorite Profiler cum Auteur cum Game Show Panelist cum Performer is at it again! It looks like, as usual, Matthew’s been a busy man. This week alone he’s got nothing short of four different offerings debuting for your viewing pleasure, and the enigmatic star shows no signs of slowing down. Look below for what’s coming up!


Right Now:

Gube AVThe talented and perceptive writer Will Harris (@NonStopPop) at the AV Club decided to ask Matthew what TV/movies he’d program for us for 24 hours straight. Matthew thoroughly explains his choices too, and the result is as whimsical and as creepy/cool and as varied as you’d guess. I’m sure most fans jumped on it as soon as it hit, but just in case you haven’t seen it, go here. It’s a great piece!


January 13:

Criminal Minds Preview for Episode 11x11, "Entropy"!Oh yeah. Do I even need to say it? Our beloved Dr. Reid is BACK, baby! For those that haven’t seen the previews (pssh, yeah right), Criminal Minds swings back from winter break with a vengeance with episode 11×11 Entropy, pitting Spencer against a mad bomber (Gube’s friend and co-star in Life After Beth, Aubrey Plaza), who just happens to be his date for the night! How will our team figure this one out? Tune in same bat time, same bat channel – Wednesday on CBS at 9/8c to see what happens!


January 14:

HardwickBe still my heart. Next up, Matthew’s guesting on @midnight with Chris Hardwick (or as most know him, Talking Dead armchair therapist extraordinaire)! Tune in to see Matthew pit his social media savvy against Whitney Cummings and Nick Swardson. Pretty sure you can figure out the time it airs, but if not – here’s the site: You can do it Gube, we’re rootin’ for ya – POINTS!


January 15:

BoR gubey picks up

Here it is. We’ve been teased with snippets for months (feels like years), and it’s finally here. The Official Premiere of Band of Robbers in select theaters and widespread release on digital media! For those who haven’t heard, it’s a new take on Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn┬átale, written and directed by Adam Nee. Matthew plays Joe Harper, Kyle Gallner plays Huck Finn, and Melissa Benoist and Hannibal Buress round out the exceptional cast. You can watch the trailer and pre-order the movie here.


Looks like Gubler is starting off the New Year with a bang, showing us all what he’s got, and constantly moving forward with new and different projects to delight his audience. We can’t wait to see what’s up that magical sleeve of his next!

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